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I am a Nikon Professional Services member (NPS). I teach individual photography lessons and conduct guided trips & workshops. I am a NANPA (National Association of Nature Photographers) member and jurist and I have been published by Audubon, Wild Lens, Wild Hope, Ojai Raptor Center, International Bird Rescue and many other publications.

I am also working on my first book, “Silently Into the Wild’ which will be published this year and have been the keynote speaker for various wildlife and photography organizations, as well as conducting a number of webinars. 2022 NANPA Webinar, 2022 Winter Bird Festival, 2022 Nevada County Photographic Society and 2021 Napa Photography Club.

* Weather is an important consideration which we won’t know until later on so dates may change slightly. If anyone is interested in a particular trip and has some constraints on dates, please let me know and I will do my best to accommodate you.

* Although the trips are photography-oriented, birders are welcome. Also, non-participatory spouses and partners are half-price.

* All workshops are for photographers of all abilities. I will be available to anyone during the course of the workshop for personalized instruction or consulting but if you want to do your own thing you are welcome to do so.

* I have visited all the locations numerous times and am very familiar with the best times to be there to get the best light and wildlife activity. 

* The locations don’t require much physical activity and most are easy walking distance from vehicles.

* I make every effort to be as prepared as possible and I have more than twenty years of experience knowing wildlife habits and where and when to find them.

 * Of course, nature and the weather are unpredictable and accordingly, there is no guarantee as to the wildlife we will see. But, I have never been shut out or even come close.

* There is a limit of five to seven participants. Smaller groups mean better photographic success and we avoid disturbing the wildlife. These limited workshops fill up fast.

* Costs per person are listed below and are payable through Venmo or PayPal with my e-mail. There is a 20% non-refundable deposit to guarantee your spot. Cancellations cause others to miss workshops and generally result in a lot of difficulty. Exceptions are made for legitimate emergencies and illnesses.

* My workshops support and subscribe to very strict ethical guidelines. No disturbing of wildlife; their health and well being comes first. The safety of all participants is paramount. We also respect and avoid private property and obey all traffic laws.

If you have any questions, please text, e-mail or call me and I will respond promptly. Text and Call: 310.994.7008 E-Mail: johnehrenfeldphotography@gmail.com

Here is the  schedule and information for my  2022 AND 2023 Workshop .


BATS – Davis, CA. - $295 (3) events in July and August 2022.

NEW!EXTENDED WORKSHOP! GRAND TETONS & YELLOWSTONE - $2,975 ($425 per day) (7) days October 2022

DUCKS & OTHER BIRDS – Putah Creek Watershed and area lake.  - $495 (2) events. December 2022.

OSPREYS (Napa County, CA) - $495 June 2022 

PEREGRINE FALCONS (Sonoma, CA) - $495 June 2022 

2023 SANDHILL CRANES (Lodi CA/Two-Day Trip) - $495 December 2022

2023 SHORT-EARED OWLS - $495 December 2022

SONGBIRD MIGRATION (Southbound) - $495 August 2022 


BATS – Davis, CA. - $295 (2 events) July 20223/August 2023 

NEW!EXTENDED WORKSHOP! GRAND TETONS & YELLOWSTONE - $2,975 ($425 per day) (7) days - May 2023/October 2023

DUCKS & OTHER BIRDS – Putah Creek Watershed and area lake.  - $495 January 2023 

MERCED NWR - $495 February 2023 

NWR BIG DAY (Llano Seco /Sac /Colusa) NWRS - $595 (2 events) January 2023/February 2023

OSPREYS (Napa County, CA) - $495 (2 events) May 2023/June  2023

PEREGRINE FALCONS (Sonoma, CA) - $495 (2 events) May 2023/June2023

RAPTORS - (Klamath, CA/OR - Two-Day Trip) - $495 (2 events) February 2023 

SAGE GROUSE (Susanville CA) - $595 March 2023

SHORT-EARED OWLS - $495 (2 events) January 2023/February 2023

SONGBIRD MIGRATION (Northbound) - $495 May 2023. 

SONGBIRD MIGRATION (Southbound) - $495 August 2023 

TUNDRA SWANS   January 2023



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