Born and raised in New York City, John attended the storied High School of Music & Art. After graduating from college with a Fine Arts Degree, John became a television commercial producer, eventually starting his own company and moving it to Los Angeles where it prospered for two decades."I will always appreciate the film business and some wonderful mentors for giving me the technical and creative foundation in lighting and lens optics which has served me so well." 

Photography which was once a hobby, turned into a passion throughout the years and helped shape the path he would take going forward. Settling in Napa County in Northern California, John has been totally dedicated to his art, traveling far and wide while concentrating on his local area which he loves, from the Pacific to the Sierras, from the San Joaquin Valley to the Oregon border. 

John is currently working on his first book, "Silently Into The Wild," and has shot for numerous organizations and publications. His prints are for sale through this web site, and he conducts private and group wildlife photo tours and teaches photography. 

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